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Passion-Scent Packets

Inhalable Stimulant - for
Passion, Pleasure & Arousal
* Stimulates Intimate Physical Feelings
* Increases Sexual Desire and Arousal
* 100% Money-Back Guarantee

relaxes and enhances pleasure.

For MEN -
stimulates the romantic mood.

Passionate Couple

Talking Your Way to Foreplay
Free E-Book
Talking Your Way
To Foreplay

50 Questions to Prime the Pump
of Passion


Jumpstart Your Love-Play!

With the pressures of everyday living, sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the pleasures of an evening of physical intimacy and passion. Now couples can jumpstart their love-play with a proven aroma-science technology.

The Passion-Scent Romance Aid is designed to enhance intimate pleasure and stimulate sensual feelings. The small, disposable ring has been infused with a unique combination of fast-acting, inhalable compounds. Smelling the ring prior to an intimate encounter puts you in a romantic mood, heightens physical pleasures and strengthens bonds of affection.

Slip a Passion-Scent ring on your finger and inhale. You and your partner will be talking, teasing and experimenting in no time . . . having an intimate experience you won't forget!

Read what others have said about Passion-Scent. Try it and see the benefits for yourself.

Fast-Acting Stimulation

Wear the
ring on your finger for instant access
to the fast-acting

Helps Ease Symptoms of Low Libido.

Stimulates Intimate Feelings

Stimulates sensations in your erogenous zones (you know, those special places down there!)

Improve Sexual Desire and Arousal
Studies shows Passion-Scent has a positive effect on sexual desire and arousal.

Couples enjoy enhanced sensuality, improved communication and deeper affection.

Helps Ease Many Symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction

Helps ease many symptoms of low libido and sexual dysfunction.

When the Exotic Scent is Gone, Just Throw It Away

The ring is disposable. When the scent is gone, just throw it away.



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