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Exciting Aromas Enhance Romance and Increase Sexual Arousal

Your Sense of Smell Can Bring You a New Sense of Excitement and Pleasure!

Research has shown there is a link between smelling certain odors and an enhanced intimate experience. These studies isolated specific scents that have a positive effect on sexual arousal and physical sensations in our erogenous zones (you know, those special places down there!). The findings also showed that the aromas promoted a deepening of the bonds of love and level of communication in a couple's relationship.

The highlight of the research was the development of the Passion-Scent Romance Enhancement aromatic blends - two impressive products that truly improve the relationships and sex lives of couples.

Aroma-Science Innovation

Passion-Scent Romance aids are specially engineered scent-delivery rings that contain powerful odorants proven to stimulate desire and elevate libido.

The rings have been designed with a number of patent pending innovations, including a protective vapor barrier to keep the scented medicaments away from your skin, a special wicking material that dispenses the proper 'dose' of odorant and a unique porosity-weave fabric that allows consistent diffusion of the scent.

The proprietary scent compounds are hypoallergenic, regulated "safe" by the FDA and have no known side effects.

Passion-Scent rings are a fun, mess-free delivery device that you’re sure to love using – a convenient, disposable ring that has been specifically designed for an intense inhaling experience.

Do Your Own Experimenting

Slip a Passion-Scent ring on your finger and one on your partner’s finger and feel the compelling fragrances take effect. You'll find yourself talking about the aromas, teasing and experimenting – and isn't talking, exploring and having fun what a great intimate experience is all about?

Aromas for Men and Women

Since men and women respond to distinct aromas, Passion-Scent rings are available in male and female formulations.

In addition to feeling physical sensations, these powerful aromas will help create a relaxed and sensual mood for both you and your partner.

Men will feel an improvement in emotional response and a boost in romantic excitement. Women will experience lower anxiety and an increase in desire.

Let the Mood Begin

Because Passion-Scent rings create a personal aroma environment, you can even use them in public and very few people around you will ever know. The intriguing scents will help you start your love-play well in advance of the bedroom.

You can begin a date with your Passion-Scent ring or wait for the privacy of your bedroom, either way you’re guaranteed to have a unique and exciting experience or you can have your money back.

Convenient, Mess-Free, Disposable

Each Passion-Scent ring comes in an individually sealed, single-use package and lasts for hours after opening.

There’s no mess and the usage instructions are simple. Just buy one, open the package, slip the ring on your finger and breath in the fascinating aromas.

When the scent is gone, you throw away the ring.

You Have To Inhale It To Believe It!

With the pressures of everyday living, sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the pleasures of an evening of passion. For women, it can be hard to get in the mood. For men, it can be hard to feel affectionate and romantic.

With the exotic fragrances of the Passion-Scent rings, you will find those tender and loving feelings building the moment you open the package. You’re sure to feel physical stirrings and emotional affections as well.

Try Passion-Scent Today

Let your nose lead you on an intimate adventure you won't forget.

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Passion-Scent Couple
Passion-Scent lowers anxiety and helps you feel more relaxed.



Passion-Scent Enhances Sensuality and Ecstasy

Feel closer to your partner and more romantic.



Passion-Scent Couple
The sensations you'll experience in those ‘special places’ are sure yet subtle.



Experience Lower Anxiety
Passion-Scent stimulates intimate feelings and increases desire.



Feel an improvement in emotional response and a boost in romantic excitement.

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