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Passion-Scent Helps Couples Communicate

Primed for Pleasure

When we detect a pleasurable odor, the brain releases dopamine and endorphins that signal a preview of a potential positive experience. These brain chemicals cause us to become curious, optimistic and motivated to satisfy the desire for pleasure. Saturated by endorphins and dopamine, the brain becomes highly sensitive to all positive stimuli and begins to seek out other similar pleasures.

Additionally, the brain craves novelty and detests boredom. For this reason; adventure, creativity and communication are essential components of a healthy sex life.

By associating the Passion-Scent Inhaler Rings with the anticipation of an intimate encounter, the brain’s sensitivity to pleasure is heightened. The Passion-Scent aromas ‘prime’ your brain for heightened pleasure - so your intimate feelings are intensified.

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Scent Lasts for Hours

Passion-Scent stimulates intimate feelings and enhances mood and desire.



Feel an Improvement in Emotional Response

Passion-Scent helps turn conversation to sensual subjects.


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