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The Science of Odors and Sexuality

The latest in brain science research has verified the connection between inhaling the Passion-Scent Romance Aid and having an enhanced intimate experience. These studies showed there was a positive effect on sexual desire, relationship bonds and even physical sensations in the erogenous zones of both women and men. Improvement in mood and self-image were also indicated.

The Passion-Scent compounds effect the brain in three powerful ways:

  1. They are instantly coded as "arousal stimulus" in the brain via the olfactory bulb.
  2. They act on the amygdala, which is involved in the initial response to love making cues.
  3. They trigger the diencephalon to release the pleasure chemicals dopamine and other opioids.
Brain Image  

Brain Scan Image

Passion-Scent odorant molecules enter the nose and connect with odor receptors in the nasal epithelium.

Electrochemical signals are generated in the olfactory bulb and are instantly transmitted to the limbic area of the brain.

The diencephalon, in the limbic area, stimulates the production of dopamine and endorphins.

Under the direction of these powerful brain chemicals, the body responds with increased physiological responses and heightened sensitivity to pleasurable sensations.


Dopamine – the Molecule of Desire

The source of sexual attraction is the diencephalon, in the center of the brain, where the conditions for arousal are created.  Among its many functions, Dopamine helps control our alertness, curiosity, imagination and sexual drive. It enables us to feel happy and self-confident and motivates us to follow up our intentions with actions. Dopamine creates the exciting buzzing sensation of anticipation and enables us to experience joy and ecstasy. On a chemical level, dopamine is the master controller of desire.

Endorphins – the Molecules of Pleasure

Endorphins are at the core of every one of our pleasurable experiences. All our sensations of pleasure cause endorphins to be released. The intoxicating feelings we have in the presence of endorphins motivate us to seek experiences that will cause and/or repeat this effect.

For example, it is the flood of endorphins our brains receive at orgasm that create the accompanying feeling of euphoria and create a desire to repeat the experience. Response to sexual pleasure is most powerful when a person is in an alert, happy state, while simultaneously relaxed.

True Intercourse*

Other studies and much anecdotal research has shown that certain smells alter people’s mood and help create a relaxing atmosphere helpful to romance and intimacy. Sex therapists recommend a setting for lovemaking that is free from stress and outside distractions to allow communication, communion and true intercourse to happen.

*Intercourse is defined as communication between individuals.

The Passion-Scent aromas are soothing and relaxing AND they help couples focus their conversation on intimate subjects.

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