Is it good to invest in Google

Google is a technology company, which provides various types of services to its users. The main services are advertising and searching. Besides this, it has YouTube which can be used for entertainment and advertising. Android operating system belongs to Google and many mobiles are running on this operating system. One more service that it provides is cloud storage.

The company is based in California and people use the website to make billions of searches daily. The company provides email and social media services but the main source of revenue and earnings is searches made on the website. The stock of the company is also very successful. It has started its share at the price of $50 in the year 2004 and now the cost of one share is $1,125. The company has divided its shares into three classes, which are mentioned here

Types of shares in Google

Class A Shares

These shares are also known as GOOG shares and people who purchase these shares have the right to vote. With each share, the buyer can put one vote at the time of voting.

Class C Shares

These shares are known as GOOG shares and people who purchase these shares do not have the right to vote. This is the only difference between class A and class C shares. Shareholders of both classes can get same amount of dividend.

Class B Shares

These shares are not given to the public. These shares are with the founders and the directors. People having these sharescan give ten votes for each share.

The company bifurcated its shares into class A, B, and C in 2014. And this led to doubling of the shares and the price was reduced to half. In this way, investors can purchase a large number of shares.

Alphabet Inc.

Alphabet was created in 2015 as a holding company for Google and it gave a new slogan “Do the right thing”.


Every company faces competition and same is the thing with Google. When the company started, it became successful after a few years in the field of searching information. Later, it provided many more services to its clients and customers. But now many companies are in its competition so Google has to apply many tactics in order to remain in the competition and this step is called economic moat.Google always provided better results in comparison to its competitors and that is the reason it is still the dominant company as its growth is very fast in comparison to its competitors. The services it provides are better and they are able to attract more and more customers. You can check its releases at before stock buying.