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Odors Shown to Stimulate Sexual Arousal and Desire

Research studies show the positive effects of odors on heterosexual couple’s sexual satisfaction and state of sexual arousal.

In a study of 21 married couples between the ages of 22 and 63, researchers found that women who smelled a fragrance specially formulated for females and men who smelled a fragrance specially formulated for males reported feeling more sexually aroused and experienced an increased desire for intimacy than during exposure to a recognizable food odor or a non-odor.

All test subjects were in good health and had normal olfactory ability, as measured by a preliminary medical assessment. Each subject completed a battery of pre and post-trial cognitive and psychological assessments that included; sexual functioning, frequency, satisfaction, intensity, etc. and rating feelings of closeness, affection, intimacy, bonding, etc.

Each individual was given a supply of specially designed finger rings that had been infused with one of the particular scents. The couples were instructed to put on their respective rings at any time and freely inhale, when they were reasonably sure they could spend time together.  Each week for a period of three weeks, participants were provided with a new supply of rings with a different scent.

Research Findings

The findings show that the special formulations most effected the couple’s desire for sex when they were not in a location conducive to consummation and most effected their feelings of affection when they took time to talk about their experience. Female subjects reported feeling more interesting to their partners, while male subjects reported a higher level of arousal.

The study also found communication between partners improved as did their feelings of closeness and affection. Both male and female participants reported a warm or tingling sensation in their genitals shortly after inhaling the respective odors.

These findings suggest that the scents create a physiological effect that stimulates the arousal sensations and a psychological effect that triggers the intimate feelings.

The researchers indicated that one of the aims of the aromatic compounds is to stimulate the natural triggering of dopamine in the brain.

The research findings will hopefully lead to the development of a commercially viable product to treat low libido.

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