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Here's What People Are Saying

  We teased each other so much in the movie with our Passion-Scent rings, we ended up leaving early and dashing home! The tingling I felt down there was cool!

  We took the Passion-Scent rings on our cruise to the Bahamas and had a blast with them. We also shared them with our fellow dinner guests. Can I get a commission on all the sales I made for you?

HL - Reno, NV
  These clever rings give couples something to start their love-play well in advance of the bedroom. Great sex begins with great communication – the Passion-Scent ring gives couples something fun and sexy to talk about.

MD, marriage counselor - Mesa, AZ
  These smells really work! I could tell things were tingling a bit for me and I enjoyed seeing my husband be so interested in how it was effecting me. This was the most fun we've had with a few bucks in a long time!

RC - Austin, TX
  It was my wife’s idea to bring the rings to dinner. We opened the little packages and started trading smells while we waited for the waiter. We ordered wine and kept sniffing. When the wine came, I noticed that the smells didn't interfere with the taste of our expensive wine. We proceeded to get each other all worked up during dinner and had a great evening after!

LM - Sacramento, CA

My wife and I were busy on opposite ends of the house when the mail came with the Passion-Scent package. I opened one of the packets and handed a ring to her. I didn't tell her what it was, only that it was an interesting thing to smell. She held the ring up to her nose and took a couple of sniffs. Then she gave me a kiss and said, “I love you, thanks for all you do for me.” In a half an hour or so, she invited me to the bedroom . . . The fact that she initiated sex is astounding and wonderful. I'm sure it was because I shared the ring with her.

BD – Littleton, CO



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