Jewellery Polishing Cloth

For those who want to keep their jewellery looking fresh and tarnish-free, a jewellery polishing cloth is a must. These specially-treated soft cloths are infused with tarnish-fighting and inhibiting ingredients to safely buff your silver jewelry to a sparkling finish. The inner cloth removes fingerprints, oils, moisture and other contaminants while the outer cloth polishes and buffs to restore your jewellery to a mirror-like finish. These gentle and non-toxic cloths are also great for cleaning flatware and hollowware.

This large Rouge Cloth is impregnated with Jewellers Rouge & the finest polishing compounds to give your gold jewellery a deep loving shine. It will easily remove most tarnish on Gold and Gold-plate items without scratching the surface. It can also be used to remove shallow scratches on your precious metals and to prepare your gold for re-finishing.

A soft and durable cotton cloth that is woven to have a high density, making it a great choice for cleaning your precious jewellery. It’s a good value because it’s twice as big as other similar polishing cloths, measuring 12″ x 17″. It is made from finely woven, soft and absorbent cotton that has been specially treated to be very strong and durable.

Suitable for all types of jewellery, including gold, platinum and silver. It is also a good choice for restoring antique jewellery and vintage pieces. Its special anti-tarnish agent provides a long lasting shine, meaning you will need to clean your jewellery less often!

When using a jewellery polishing cloth, always remember that it is best to start with the most heavily tarnished piece and work your way through the rest of the jewellery. This will ensure you don’t accidentally scratch the item, which can happen if you use too much pressure or rub too vigorously.

When your jewellery is clean, store it in a well-ventilated place away from other materials, such as silk and other fabrics. This will prevent your heirloom from picking up other odors and chemicals, which may lead to discoloration or fading of the jewellery over time. Karlea is OCD, and likes to keep her jewellery in a zip-lock bag while it’s not being worn, which keeps the air out and the jewellery safe!