Significant Devices in a Watch Producer’s Tool compartment – Screws and Screwdrivers


For putting away and recovering the screw drivers effectively, a Bergeon represent Screw drivers can be utilized. A Bergeon Torsiometer is a gadget which is utilized to quantify the fixing force of a screw driver. The Torsiometers come in fluctuating aspects to quantify screw drivers with various measurements. To hold the Torsiometer force device, the Bergeon Holder for Torsiometer is utilized. It has a non slip base and is made of anodized aluminum.

Grub tightens come widths going from 1.8 mm to 3 mm, .50mm and .6 mm to 1.6 mm. The grub screw is vital for hold the screwdriver cutting edge safely. At the point when the edge must be changed, these screws will be required and it is dependably smart to have a couple of extra grub screws. They for the most part come in bunches of 10 pieces. The grub screws can be utilized with Bergeon or AF Swiss screw drivers.

The Bergeon individual screw drivers come without spare edges and with a solitary size cutting edge. The screw drivers are top quality, chrome plate and have hued distinguishing rings about them to demonstrate the sharp edge size. For instance, a .5 mm cutting edge has an orange shaded ring where as a .8 mm has a yellow ring us fasteners. The Bergeon screwdrivers with spare cutting edges come as a one size device yet with 4 extra cutting edges in a plastic cylinder. They are likewise chromium plated top quality cutting edges and have similar hued rings for recognizable proof. The Bergeon Crosshead Screwdriver has a shaded hexagonal head. The handle is fluted.

A&F Swiss made Cross head screwdriver set has 4 pieces with breadths of 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 mm and is explicitly implied for watch making. They are, areas of strength for exact agreeable to utilize. The screwdrivers have a great time bearing turning head with tempered edges and chromed shafts. The A&F Screwdriver Set Merry go round has 9 pieces in chrome covered metal. Every screwdriver head is variety coded and they turn as they are mounted on metal rollers. It additionally accompanies spare edges and fixing screws.

The Bergeon 5 piece Box screwdriver Set has 5 screwdrivers in a cardboard box and every screwdriver has one extra sharp edge provided. The 9 piece wooden box Bergeon screwdriver set has spare edges pressed into plastic cylinders; the edges are chromium plated and the screwdriver sizes range from .5 mm to 2.5 mm. The Bergeon Screwdriver set on non slip pivoting stand has 9 screw drivers mounted on a steady stand. Each opening is shaded. There are 9 extra sharp edges gave this set. The Bergeon against attractive screwdriver set has hostile to attractive properties and has 5 screwdrivers in it from .5 mm to 1.2 mm. There are 5 extra edges, one for every screwdriver.