What Are Betting Lines?

Betting lines are the odds that a sportsbook sets for betting on a game. They work to give the sportsbook a competitive advantage over gamblers and will change as more bets are placed on both sides of the bet. Betting lines are set based on a variety of factors, including the team’s record, past performance, and public betting activity.

In football, there are two common types of betting lines: point spreads and money lines. The point spread evens out the playing field between teams that are considered unevenly matched. For example, if the Bills are -7.5 favorites in a game against the Browns, that means you will win your bet if they can keep the final score within 7 points. This is called covering the spread.

The other type of bet is the money line, which simply lists how much you would win if you put up $100 on that team to win. This number is usually a positive integer, like +200, and it tells you what your return will be if you win your bet. It is also helpful in comparing how much you need to risk to get the same payout on different bets at other sportsbooks.

All betting lines have odds attached to them, which are the chances that you will win a bet on that particular team. If the Boston Celtics were -2 on the money line, for instance, and you bet them at FanDuel, you will win $10,000 if they win. The numbers on the right side of the betting line represent the odds of a bet winning, and they will move as more and more action comes in on one side or another.