What Is Ruqyah?

Ruqyah is recitation and supplication to Allah for healing of the body and soul. It is often referred to as spiritual healing and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used it for many ailments, including magic, evil eye and jinn possession. It is also a great way to increase Iman, build a strong connection with Allah and reaffirm our beliefs in the words of Allah the Exalted.

A person who is skilled in ruqyah should be able to fluently recite the Quran and have strong belief in the words of the Quran. He must also practice taqwa and be an Allah fearing, righteous Muslim. Practicing the Sunnah prayers and adhkar daily, is recommended.

He must be a believer in Allah, His Names and Attributes and be free from shirk. He should also have good akhlaq or character and be able to recite the surahs and ayats of ruqyah. He must be patient and able to help the afflicted person without being judgmental or making the situation worse.

When performing ruqyah, the reciter should put their hands into a glass or jug of water and blow into it. This can be done with a cupped hand or with the mouth close to the water, and repeated several times. The recitation should be done as loud and clear as possible, with absolute concentration and conviction. The supplication should be directed to Allah only, as He is the one who heals and protects. quran ruqyah